Your plumbing system requires regular maintenance in order to prevent decay and other malfunctions from occurring. Our plumbing system may malfunction from time to time. If it does, contact a professional plumber or urgent repair. Having a professional do proactive care services on your plumbing system will make the need for urgent repair calls fewer and further between. Preventive maintenance care can help you save money on plumbing malfunctions that have yet to happen. Preventive maintenance will also help you increase the lifespan of your plumbing systems. The key to plumbing system longevity is preventive maintenance and fast repairs. When your plumbing system fails or malfunctions, acting fast on making professional repairs will help you increase the life span, ensure efficiency, and a reduction in plumbing failures. If you live in or around the area, you should contact EC Plumbing for all of your professional plumbing service needs.

When You Should Contact A Plumber

You should call a plumber if you haven’t had maintenance in a while. You should contact a professional. Professional plumbing services will help you prevent common plumbing issues that can occur. It will also help keep your plumbing running efficiently. Your plumbing system and appliances can last for a very long time if cared for and cleaned on a regular basis. Appliances such as the water heater, toilet, and garbage disposal will have fewer breakdowns and work better.

You Haven’t Called a Plumber in a While

You should call a plumber if a plumbing professional hasn’t been able to maintain, keep up, and repair your plumbing system for over a year. Experts suggest having your plumbing system assessed and maintained on an annual basis. If your plumbing system is older, it is suggested you have your plumbing system maintained at least twice a year.

Maintaining your plumbing system will include the cleaning of drains, inspection of the water heater, sump pump maintenance, and much more. Your professional, preventive maintenance plumber will ensure all of your plumbing systems are working properly. Having a plumbing professional on call, allows you to live in your home comfortably and free, with an understanding that you are covered, should anything involving your plumbing system go wrong.

Plumbing malfunctions happen all the time, and the more maintenance you do, the less they will occur. I live in the Kuna, ID, area, contact EC plumbing for preventive maintenance plumbing services, if you haven’t done so already.

Frequently Clogged Drains

Cleaning your drains is extremely important. If your drains are clogging often, having your drains professionally cleaned will help prevent your drains from clogging again, or at least not as severely. Clogs do happen, but they should not happen frequently, and they won’t happen frequently if you care for your drains on a regular basis.

Cleaning and caring for your drains should be done by a professional. Using over-the-counter methods, such as Drano and other chemical drain cleaners can cause damage to your drains and other issues. Chemical drain cleaners can damage your drains due to the harshness of the chemicals. It may also leave grim and other forms of debris behind. This is a huge issue, when it comes to drain cleaning, due to how clogs form. Some clogs form due to debris, such as hair, food, and other items, going down the drain. If your clogs are caused by these things, the entirety of the clog must be removed to maintain sanitary conditions and prevent other clogs from occurring again. Chemical drain cleaners can leave debris behind that can quickly become a clog.

Professional drain cleaning services do not use chemical cleaners on the drains. Instead, a hydro water jet is used to completely clear drains of all sorts of debris. If the clog is really stubborn, your professional drain cleaner may opt for using a snake/auger or even resort to dismantling the pipes to remove the clogs. Dismantling the pipes to remove a clog is extensive and is usually the last resort. This method is usually only used when something valuable has fallen down the pipeline or if the clog is so stubborn, it refuses to budge.

Stubborn clogs like the one previously described can happen. These clogs only happen when drains aren’t cleared on a regular basis, a clog was left to persist and grow, or something large has fallen down the drains. Other causes of clogged drains can range from mild to extreme. Simple things like hair could be the cause of your clog. Something extreme, such as tree root, growing in your sewage drain line, could cause major clogging. If your drains are constantly clogging, contact a professional for immediate clog removal and drain cleaning services.

Is Something Leaking?

Leaks may be the worst of the worst when it comes to plumbing system failures, a leak could be small or large and still do damage. Small leas may not cause as much damage as a large leak can, however, they can cause major damage if they are left unchecked. Leaks can unfortunately happen anywhere along with your plumbing system. Your plumbing system is vast and is connected to various locations all throughout the home. If a leak happened in the wrong place, the damage could be costly to repair. Leaks that happen anywhere must be repaired immediately, postponing repair on a leak, can cause water damage, mold, mildew, and other issues to occur.

Rapid water leaks are serious leaks that require urgent plumber services. If you have a rapid water leak in your home, stop what you’re doing and contact an emergency plumber right away. Urgent repair to rapid water leaks is key to minimize damage. If you know where the main water shut-off valve is, you should turn it off, in order to prevent the water from spewing everywhere. If you are unsure of its location, simply contact a professional plumber to assist you with finding it.

If any of your plumbing systems are out of whack, contact a professional plumbing professional to get your plumbing back on track. Leaks, sump pump failures, clogged drains, and everything else in between can be addressed quickly and accurately, by a professional plumbing technician. If you live in the Kuna, ID, area, contact EC Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs.

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