If you’re spending your time and resources on a classic home, restoring rooms, and updating it while paying attention to historic details, you might want to consider renewing the plumbing, too. There are a couple of reasons why at EC Plumbing of Boise, ID we suggest that our plumbing service customers include us in remodeling: better flow and fixtures, and protection of your investment in the rest of the house. After all, older plumbing is at a higher risk of having problems, and problems can damage that beautiful new wallpaper or refinished hardwood floors. On the bright side, new fixtures, even in a classic style, will help your older home feel like a new one. Even if you’re just thinking about updates for a home you’ve lived in for half a century, let us put in our recommendation for a few changes to your well-worn plumbing.

Speaking of Well-Worn Plumbing, Is It Time for Repiping?

It may sound like a major undertaking, but re-piping is fairly common and our plumbing service teams are quite skilled at swapping out old, degraded, or corroded pipe for new. The advantage is clear, this is the best way to protect your home from leaks and other plumbing problems resulting from aging pipes. Leaks can be not only damaging but also costly for plumbing providers to locate and repair, and it may be to your advantage to start this process fully or partially based on exterior or video-based interior examination of your pipes. Waiting until you see a pattern of recurring leaks is another option, but with obvious disadvantages. We know the typical construction of Boise, ID area homes and plumbing, and can base our plumbing service recommendations on ample experience with homes in the area.

What About Your Drains and Sewer Line?

Another mundane but important consideration in renewing your home’s plumbing is making sure your drain lines are in good shape. They’re not under much pressure as your incoming water lines are, but there are obvious problems with drain and sewer line leaks or backups that are best avoided. Our plumbing service team uses video inspection with these pipes as well, and we can determine both the condition of the pipes as well as the presence of obstructions and clogs, both near to fixtures and in the connecting lines in the walls. Taking care of distant clogs, by the way, can help to reduce your sink and toilet backup problems and make them easier to fix since we know that the problem is likely to be near the sink or toilet itself.

When our plumbing service experts inspect your sewer line, if we find clogs we can use high-pressure hydro-jet technology to break them up and maximize your flow, reducing the chance of future backups. If we find damage to the pipe, we’ll have the information we need to recommend any of a variety of repair techniques now available. Early identification of a sewer line problem can help you deal with it on your own terms and at potentially reduced costs than a full sewer line replacement when things go fully wrong.

Upgrading Fixtures, Remodeling, and Enjoying Modern Plumbing Features


There are so many ways that modern plumbing can make your life easier and more enjoyable, you’ll wonder why you didn’t take action before. One of our popular plumbing service upgrades to older homes is shower fixtures, which can go far beyond installing a new shower head. If you thought low-flow meant a frustrating shower, it’s definitely time to make a change, as newer shower heads can be like rocket science, getting more powerful sprays out of less water flow. That’s just the beginning, too, as upgrades can include coverage from the sides as well as above, or even full-length showers you experience while lying down on a relaxing support surface. For those who prefer baths, there are many relaxing and invigorating options as well, including jets to provide a mini-spa feeling while you bathe. We also have a variety of sink and faucet options that will improve your routines, including raised spouts for easier access, and automatic faucets that operate when your hands come near, requiring no effort at all to turn on and off.


Water is essential to your kitchen, and we can help you use it wisely and well. Our plumbing service can install or upgrade kitchen features such as your dishwasher and garbage disposal, including the air gap between the two drains that is sometimes omitted but essential to avoid backflow. Your kitchen sink is just waiting for upgrades, including stainless steel in the configuration that suits you best, double or single, along with a convenient faucet that operates easily and may even be voice-controlled. If you’re used to a multi-user sink with one person preparing meals and others grabbing a cup of water or washing their hands, why don’t we add a separate sink for them, a small bar sink or similar not far away? It’s much more sanitary and gives the chef peace of mind. We’ve got your kitchen ideas!

Hot Water Where You Need It, When You Need It

In older homes, we recommend that you insulate hot water pipes that run through unheated spaces, but even then you may find that hot water takes quite a while to arrive at your bathroom or kitchen, and is never quite hot enough. Simple tankless inline water heaters are popular for homeowners who want instant hot water in the kitchen or bathroom, providing the temperature you want right away for showers, baths, washing dishes, or washing hands.

Your Full-Service Treasure Valley Plumber

EC Plumbing offers plumbing services to repair, restore, and renew your older home’s plumbing with the latest materials, fixtures, and techniques. We serve the Boise, ID area, and we’ll be glad to provide information on making your home’s plumbing new again. Call and let’s talk about what our plumbing service team can do for you.

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