At EC Plumbing, we serve the Meridian, ID with expert water heater care. Our team knows that you want your unit to work well and last a long time without any surprises. We have the knowledge and experience to keep your water heater in good shape with a minimum of water heater repair visits. We focus on regular maintenance and inspection by our expert technicians. With a good water heater maintenance strategy, you’ll have a good run with your hot water system and an easy replacement when the time comes.

A Few Tips for Keeping An Eye on Your Water Heater’s Status

Other than a lack of hot water, it may not seem like there are many ways to tell that there’s a problem with your hot water heater since it’s usually tucked away somewhere. There are plenty of sounds, a few sights, and other clues that you could go by, if only you knew they were happening. If you don’t take care of some of these symptoms, you’ll have bigger problems in the future, so somehow you’ve gotta catch them and make water heater repairs as needed. We have a few clues for our Meridian, ID customers to look for. That means it’s time to give us a call for water heater repair.

Things That Affect a Typical Water Heater Lifetime

If you consider ten years as about the service length of a water heater, there’s a lot you can do to push that number to the high side and get a longer lifetime from it. On the other hand, if you just have it installed and enjoy the hot water until it runs out or needs a water heater repair, you could find you’ve shortened the life of the unit through tank corrosion and other wear along the way. Maintenance is the key item for keeping your water heater serving you as long as it can, because we make sure the protective elements of the water heater stay in good shape, and we inspect the unit so we catch problems early.

Maintenance Items

The anode rod is an essential part of your hot water heater for keeping your water quality great and your tank in good shape. Unfortunately, this part doesn’t have a clear “failure mode” like thermostats do, so you won’t know a water heater repair is needed to replace it until it’s too late. When the rod is depleted, the corrosion in your tank accelerates and the lifespan of the unit is significantly reduced. You may also notice a certain smell in your hot water, due to bacteria growth that increases when the anode rod is not on duty. There are planned replacement periods for the anode rod, usually a few years, but depending on whether your water is hard or you have a water softener, and based on the type of anode rod in use, this time period can vary. Inspection is the way to go, and as part of a maintenance visit we make a visual check and perform a replacement or estimate how much time is left until one is due.

Other maintenance items include checking for sediment in the bottom of your tank, again something that can be affected by hard water. We also check your pressure relief valve, which is as important as it sounds since water heaters do build up pressure during the heating cycle. If the valve isn’t releasing at the right pressure, your tank could be stressed or even explode under some circumstances, and if the valve releases too readily, you could have periodic puddles in your basement. If you do notice water or signs that a puddle has been there, that’s a good reason to call us for a water heater repair.

Repair Items

The thermostat-heater combination, sometimes present in the upper and lower parts of the water heater, is an important water heater repair item for reasons beyond keeping your showers hot. They play an important role in your hot water supply, with different symptoms if the upper or lower units malfunction. One will supply a shorter run of hot water, while the other will take a longer time to get to the hot water supply. On maintenance visits they’ll be checked and adjusted to a safe value — if you need hotter water, we have other options that we recommend, such as local tankless heaters. Problems with your thermostat and heating unit can also cause the unit to cycle more, as can a lack of insulation. This will cost more in energy and also produce more pressure stress on the tank, reducing its lifetime. In some ways, it’s a finely tuned system.

Hard Water

If you have hard water, as we tend to around this area, let’s talk about how it affects your hot water heater repairs, what kind of anode rod is needed, and also whether you’d like to install a water softener. As we noted, a water softener changes the parameters for the anode rod protection, so we’ll make changes in your maintenance routine.

Tank Condition

Our team works hard to keep your unit operating smoothly so you get great hot water and your tank stays in good shape as long as possible. Regular inspections will help us identify when your tank condition is reaching its end-of-life and will make it convenient for you to select a new unit, probably a more efficient one than your older model, and arrange for a fast and convenient replacement. Our water heater repair team will already know your system and be able to plan the replacement maneuver strategically. If you’d like to relocate the unit, add additional capacity, or otherwise modify your existing installation, you can plan it with us at your leisure, rather than in haste. Of course, the biggest benefit of a smooth replacement process is keeping your basement dry. We at EC Plumbing take pride in improving your life with our Meridian, ID plumbing services, call us.

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