If you’re new to the world of homeownership, you might not know that the water heater in your Boise, ID home isn’t meant to last long-term. If you’ve got a traditional water heater, you’ve likely got about 10 years before you’ll need to look at water heater replacement, and that’s with proper care and maintenance of the existing system.

Unfortunately, water heaters don’t always operate on a neat and tidy schedule, and if you’re not taking optimal care of your water heater, you’re likely going to have to replace it well before 10 years is up. Luckily, there are a few signs that you can spot that will help you figure out when it’s time for water heater replacement before the system gives out on you and creates a real problem. Here are a few things to look for!

Consistent Lack of Hot Water

If you’ve got a traditional water heater, you get hot water through a heating tank, which depletes as it’s used. As such, eventually running out of hot water when you’re using it constantly is normal for most people. But if you’re barely getting any hot water at all in your home, there’s a chance that your water heater just isn’t getting the job done.

At best, you’ll need to make some serious repairs to your system, and at worst, you’ll need to take a serious look at water heater replacement. A water heater that consistently fails to heat the water in your home isn’t getting the job done in some way, and you’ll need to have an expert take a long look at your system to see if the problem can be fixed.

Noises From the Water Heater

Your water heater shouldn’t be making noises, and under normal circumstances, you won’t hear anything from the water heater in your home. However, over time, you might start hearing a few noises because of a buildup of sediment in your water heater. Every time you use the hot water in your tank, your water heater will start collecting sediment, which can force the water heater to work harder to get the job done.

Luckily, if you’re paying attention to your water heater, you can actually fix this before it becomes time for you to consider water heater replacement. The best way to do this is to get a professional plumbing service that you trust and have them flush out the water heater’s tank, which can remove sediment from your tank and keep it operating the way it should.

Ideally, you should perform a flush of your tank on a yearly basis, but you should also be aware that this won’t always fix every problem that exists with the water heater. Over time, sediment buildup can eventually lead to a leak in your water heater, which can make a water heater replacement inevitable.

Water Heater Leaks

If your water heater starts leaking, you’ve got to call for professional assistance at the absolute minimum, because this can be a very serious problem. However, the question of whether it means you’ll have to replace your water heater depends on the overall situation with the water heater and what’s causing the leak.

If your water heater at your Boise, ID home is improperly fitted, you’re going to eventually end up with leaks, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to replace the entire system. In that case, all you’ll have to do is call for a professional plumber to come fit your water heater properly and make sure there’s no real damage to your home.

However, over time, sediment buildup in your water heater can lead to metal corroding in your tank, which can make water heater replacement an absolute necessity. Even the best plumber doesn’t have a way to repair a leaking water heater tank, so if there are any leaks coming from the tank itself, you have no choice but to replace your water heater immediately.

Rust-Colored Water

Ideally, your water should be clean and clear whenever you turn on any faucet in your home. But what happens if you turn on the faucet and discover reddish, brown, or orange-colored water? Chances are, you’ve got some kind of issue with either your pipes or your water heater, and if you’ve got a newer home, the issue is almost always going to be with the water heater.

That’s because most modern pipes are either made of copper or PVC, neither of which rust or cause rust to appear in your water. Conversely, your metal water heater can cause rust to appear in the water at your home, so if you spot discolored water in your house, you’ll want to have someone look at your water heater immediately. Even if you don’t have to consider water heater replacement right away, rust-colored water probably means that your tank is rusting from the inside, which means leaks can’t be far from happening.

The Tank Is Nearing 10 Years Old

If you take proper care of your water heater, you might get lucky and get your tank to operate for a full decade without issues. But when you have an older water heater, you should start planning right away for water heater replacement, because issues are likely to pop up frequently as the tank nears the end of its life.

Just like with any appliance or other machine in your home, it’s always better to be ready to replace your water heater before it becomes an absolute necessity. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your water heater will fail and you’ll have to make full repairs at an inconvenient time. At the nine-year mark, it’s time to start planning.

No matter when it’s time to consider water heater replacement, you can count on EC Plumbing to install a new tank properly at your home. If your tank is in need of a replacement, give us a call and have us put a new tank in place; we’ll make sure hot water keeps flowing properly!

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