When it comes to your plumbing system at your home, there’s a lot that can go wrong, and it’s a rare homeowner who hasn’t had to make a service call for a plumbing problem, even if they haven’t done anything to cause damage to their pipes.

The reality is that pipes, drains and other parts of your plumbing system will break down over time, and if you wait too long to call a plumbing service, you’re going to end up with serious water damage to your home. With a little awareness, however, you can make sure that you’re ready to call in the experts before problems like the following get out of hand!

Slow or Stopped Drains

This isn’t really something you need to watch out for, because it’ll be obvious that something’s wrong as soon as you take a look at your sink or tub. But the important thing here is to not try to fix this yourself because you can actually do some serious damage to your plumbing system if you do. For example, if you try pouring some Drano into standing water, you’ll have to clear everyone out of the bathroom until a plumbing service can come to your home because you’ll have turned a stable situation into a biohazard.

Bottom line: if you’ve got a slow-moving drain at your home, the only thing you should ever try on it is a drain snake, and even then only when you know what you’re doing. If you’re even the least bit uncertain with a drain snake, don’t mess with the drain at all; contact a professional plumbing service to clear things out properly.

Constantly Running Toilet

This isn’t a problem that you should try to fix on your own, but it is one that you can spot on your own. If you’ve been seeing higher-than-usual water bills at your home, it’s a good idea to check if your toilet is the culprit by putting some food coloring into the upper tank.

The idea here is to let the colored water sit in the tank and see if any of it makes its way into the lower bowl of the toilet without anyone in the home flushing. If the water in your toilet turns the same color as the food coloring (for this reason, pick a color that’s easy to spot), that means that the toilet is constantly running and that you need to call a plumbing service to make repairs as soon as possible. This is definitely not a situation that you want to try to solve on your own, because attempting to fix the toilet can lead to a lot of water in your home in a short period of time should you make a mistake.

Low Water Pressure

Whether you can do anything for this depends on where you’re spotting low water pressure in your Kuna, ID home. If your shower is seeing low water pressure on a constant basis, you can try soaking the showerhead in vinegar to see if you can clean the shower to the point where the water pressure increases.

But if water pressure is low elsewhere in the home, or if you’re only seeing low water pressure in the shower after a few minutes of use, you’ve probably got a more serious problem that needs the help of a plumbing service. Low water pressure often means an issue with your pipes, either in your walls or underneath your home, and in either case, you need a plumbing expert to take care of the problem and ensure it’s repaired properly. Remember, if the problem is with pipes that aren’t normally visible, you need to get an expert on the job immediately.

Pipe Clogs

This is one of the most common issues a homeowner might find, and unfortunately, it’s the one that a homeowner is most likely to cause through improper use of their pipes.

That’s because things like hair, soap, and things that don’t belong down your pipes can all combine and take up space in your pipes. Over time, something that won’t break down in water that finds itself in your pipes, such as cotton balls or gum, can attract other things that slide down your pipes, creating a major issue with your pipes that only a plumbing service can solve.

The main cause of this problem is putting things that don’t belong down your pipes into your plumbing system, so you can do your part by not putting anything down the drain or in your toilet that won’t easily break down in the water. When it comes to your toilet, putting anything down other than human waste and toilet paper means you’ll be calling a plumbing service rather soon.

Dripping Faucets

When you’ve got a small leak in your home’s faucets, you might think that it’s not a big deal and you can fix it whenever you get around to it. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. When you notice any kind of drip at your home, you will need to make sure that you call a plumbing service right away to remedy the problem. A dripping faucet can mean a major increase in your water bill that you really can’t afford.

Luckily, this is an easy fix for a professional plumber, as they’ll usually just have to find a loose washer in your sink and tighten it properly. However, disassembling and reassembling your sink is something that only a professional knows how to do consistently, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can do this on your own.

At EC Plumbing, we’ve got the necessary knowledge to make repairs for common household plumbing issues in Kuna, ID as well as less common concerns that most homeowners have never seen before. If you’ve got an issue with your pipes or drains, it’s time to call for help from our professional plumbing service; we’ll make repairs and prevent further damage to your home!

Photo By New Africa at istock