Our Methods Make Water Heater Replacement a High-Quality, Low-Impact Process

Our water heater replacement experts prepare carefully for the job, bring high-quality parts, and install your new water heater with respect for your home. If this seems like an unusual way to talk about a water heater replacement, that’s the impression we’d like to make. Our high standards and company philosophy help us give you a quality plumbing experience. We work quickly, make sure the job is done right, and leave the workspace cleaner than when we found it. EC Plumbing serves the Boise, ID area with plumbing the way it should be, for routine jobs, urgent repairs, and emergencies.

The Lifetime of a Water Heater

A tank water heater typically lasts 8-12 years for a gas model and 10-15 years for an electric one. Regular inspection and servicing is a part of that long life. For example, we:

  • Minimize the corrosion of the tank by inspecting the anode rod and replacing it every 3-5 years.
  • Lower the stress from pressure problems by maintaining the relief valve.
  • Limit excessive cycling of the heating element by identifying thermostat problems and replacing them when needed.

Our team takes a thoughtful, thorough approach to plumbing.

Commercial and Residential Plumbing with Engaged Customer Service

Clients in the Boise, ID area call us for plumbing maintenance and repair and trust us for new projects because we’re great to work with. We’re prompt and reliable, and our owner, Nick, is the spirit of our company with his insistence on quality work at all times, using the right materials and technologies for a job well done. From faucet repairs and water heater replacement to installing new pipes throughout your home, we’re plumbers of choice for our community, people that homeowners and businesses get to know and turn to again and again. Our relationships with our customers include providing advice and information about plumbing projects and strategies so that people can make informed decisions about how they focus their resources and get the most out of our services.

Call Us with Your Water Heater Concerns

Regular inspections help keep your water heater in top shape, but identifying issues with your hot water can help, too. If you have concerns that your hot water supply is less than it was even though your use is staying the same, we’re glad to check it out. Other signs of time for a hot water service include an unusual odor in your hot water, or discoloration coming from the hot water tap and not the cold. Also, if you have to run the hot water a long time before it actually becomes hot, that’s another clue that it’s time to check the unit for trouble. These symptoms can indicate problems such as anode rod depletion and upper or lower thermostat malfunction. In addition, water coming from the pressure relief valve more than just occasionally is an important reason to call us, indicating either trouble with the valve or normal valve function but trouble with the hot water heater unit.

With Maintenance, You Get to Pick the Time for Water Heater Replacement

Without professional attention, your water heater picks the time when we come for water heater replacement by simply failing, sometimes leaving you with a mess to clean up. As you can tell, our plumbing philosophy is directed towards smoothly operating, reliable plumbing in your house that doesn’t make a mess or inconvenience you. That’s why we recommend regular inspections and care for your unit rather than just waiting for hot water heater replacement. When we keep you informed about the state of your water heater, we also give you the power to choose when it’s time to update your unit, planning your water heater replacement for a time that’s convenient for you, and also planning ahead and scheduling your project so that the cold winter air coming through the open doors as we carry units in and out doesn’t chill your home.

Saving Energy with Water Heater Replacement

Another factor that may drive your decision to replace your unit is replacing an older unit with a new, more energy-efficient one. This can help you get better performance and a more solid hot water supply while saving on your energy costs. We can also install in-line water heaters for locations like your kitchen sink so that you have instant hot water without the cost and wait involved in drawing hot water through your pipes from the basement, just to rinse a few items when it finally arrives. We can also provide insulation on your hot water pipes, especially as they run through your basement so that the heat stays in the water on the way to its destination. This can be especially helpful if your pipes run through areas with limited heating.

Updating Your Showers to Make Better Use of Hot Water

Do your showers and baths give you the most benefit from your hot water supply? In some older homes, the fixtures have been in place for a long time and may be dripping hot water due to lack of maintenance. That can add up over time in water and energy costs, as it can if your home’s faucets need maintenance too. Shower mixers and showerheads can also help you to make the best use of hot water and enjoy a better experience with strong spray but reduced water usage at the showerhead, and easy adjustment to the right temperature at the mixer. If you’re spending more time adjusting your water temperature before you lather up, you’re costing yourself water, heat, and time every morning.

Your Local Professional Plumber for Satisfying Results and Expert Care

At EC Plumbing, we look forward to serving you with thoughtful, effective plumbing services that improve your comfort and costs and make your home a more enjoyable place to live. We want you to look forward to our visits as polite, clean, professional service appointments. Call today.

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