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How do you ensure that everyone gets the shower, laundry, and dishwashing hot water that they need without running lukewarm or even cold? There are several approaches depending on how many people are involved and what kind of water heating equipment you have. We’re EC Plumbing, serving Boise, ID, and we know that often a reduced amount of available hot water is actually a sign that you may need a water heater repair. It can also be an indication of insufficient capacity in your tank-based hot water heater, but don’t worry — there are things that can be done to change the situation before people start rationing shower time.

Winter Shower Supply, The True Measure of Boise, ID Hot Water Service

Here in Boise, ID people love their hot showers during the cold season, especially in January. Nobody wants to take a break for water heater repair, and a sudden lack of hot water in the morning is not something to joke about. One of the key solutions for reliable hot water is having our repair team perform annual maintenance on your system, making sure that everything is operating properly and that no problems appear to be developing that could be solved in advance. Our water heater repair team has the knowledge and experience to make our maintenance visits productive and helpful in making sure your family stays warm when they turn on the hot water, and that your hot water heater remains in good shape so your basement stays dry.

Maintenance Is the Key to Hot Water Heater Longevity

Hot water heaters are designed to protect themselves from corrosion using a device called an anode rod. It’s important that this consumable device is monitored during maintenance visits by our water heater repair technician, and replaced when there’s not enough metal on it to last another year. Taking good care of this ensures that your water heater tank will last as long as possible, and has other benefits such as preventing bacteria growth that can make your hot water smell foul. Other maintenance includes checking thermostats, heaters, and pressure relief valves for proper operation and protection.

Water Heater Repair Includes Hot Water Pipes

Sometimes your hot water supply is affected by leaks in the pipes, and our water heater repair team will hunt down the lost hot water, whether it’s below the concrete slab or on the way to your fixtures and appliances. Hot water leaks can be especially damaging, and as expert plumbers, we have the tools and experience to efficiently locate and repair any water leaks in your walls, ceilings, or elsewhere. We also can provide hot water pipe insulating to ensure that the heat in your hot water isn’t lost along the way, especially in unheated spaces. If you’re losing hot water by the drip, it can add up to hundreds of gallons, but we can repair or replace your faucet and stop the drip. You might enjoy one of the new ceramic washer faucets that’s easy to operate and seals tightly.

Pressure Relief Valve Service

Have you seen a little puddle to the side of your water heater, or are there signs that one was there and evaporated? The pressure relief valve on your heater is an important part of its safety features and allows the release of excess pressure or water from the tank as necessary. As part of your water heater maintenance, we make sure that the valve is properly releasing, and not letting water leak out because it is no longer working properly. Our water heater repair team takes care to make sure that any issues with your system are addressed before failure, so there’s no clean-up involved.

Adding to Your Hot Water Strategy: Tankless Water Heaters

Ask our team if you think that a tankless whole-house water heater might be a better answer than your current system for supplying enough hot water. Tankless systems tend to cost a bit more, but don’t have the limited capacity that a tank does. They also require limited maintenance and serve you well with hot water on demand. For many larger homes, the pipe run from the basement can cause frustrations and wasted water as hot water runs through the line, and tank-based hot water heaters at strategic locations such as in the kitchen or the master bedroom’s bathroom can provide on-the-spot hot water instantaneously. This is also a great way to keep your main hot water heater at the recommended 120 degrees F and protect kids and seniors from scalding water, while still having a full range of temperatures locally to meet your needs for showers and kitchen cleaning.

A Word About Hot, Comfortable Showers

While we’re talking about hot water heaters, it makes sense to mention all the new shower designs that are available for installation in your home. While water conservation is still a priority, many people have found that modern showers and baths make a big difference in their nightly peace of mind and relaxation, or morning invigoration. Our team can set you up with a new wide-coverage shower head, full-body coverage shower, or another luxurious model to make the most of your plentiful hot water. We can also install luxury and disability-friendly baths, specialized faucets, and modern water-saving and power-flushing toilets that together will make your bathroom seem like new.

Your Full-Service Plumber and Water Heater Repair Provider

At EC Plumbing, we serve your home’s plumbing needs from the hot water heater in the basement to the plumbing vents up top. Our team takes pleasure in performing plumbing maintenance so your family stays comfortable year-round, with plenty of hot water each winter. Our water heater repair team is ready in case there’s trouble, and to help with any other issues from frozen pipes to hidden leaks. Give us a call to schedule maintenance visits, repairs, or to get started on that remodeling project you’ve been thinking about.