Nothing is more annoying than stepping into a lukewarm shower in the morning, and in most cases, the problem could be your water heater. Water heating in homes accounts for up to 20 percent of energy consumption. Choosing the right water heater will not only be suitable for economic reasons but ensure you have a reliable supply of hot water.

Water heaters may fail at some point, and they have to be replaced by a qualified water heater replacement professional. Some homeowners wait until the hot water unit stops functioning before they think of buying a new one.

During such instances, you may end up buying the wrong unit because you may not find enough time to consult a water heater company for more options. Replacing a water heater in your Meridian, ID, home can be costly and tiresome. With many products available in the modern market, you may not know the right one for you. So, if you’re thinking of purchasing a new water heater, below are some factors to consider to ensure you pick the right product.

Type of Water Heater

This is the first factor you should keep in mind when shopping for a new water heater replacement. There are different types available in the market, but each style has its functions. Conventional water units are standard in most homes basically because they’re pretty cheap. However, such units may not be a choice for homeowners wishing to reduce their energy bills.

Storage water heaters store hot water and ensure it’s always ready when needed. A lot of energy is used to keep the water inside the tank hot resulting in huge energy bills.

With the innovative technology, new models have been invented that reduce heat loss and energy usage. A homeowner can lower heating costs and reduce energy consumption by 27 to 50 percent by switching to tankless water heaters. Also known as demand-type water heaters, tankless models provide hot water only when it’s needed.

Although expensive, they may be the best option to go for since they can serve you for over 20 years. Storage tanks may be inconvenient since you may have to wait for prolonged periods for water to reheat once it has been used up. It’s therefore important you consider a tankless model for a replacement. By doing so, you’ll save on energy bills as it only heats water when you need it.

Fuel Source

When shopping for a water heater replacement, you should know the type of fuel your old unit used to find a new one with the same source. Most water heater units use gas or electricity as a source of fuel. If you’re using gas to run your home water heater, you should check whether it’s propane or natural gas.

A gas water heater unit usually requires a higher upfront investment and adequate ventilation for safety. Such units are cheaper to operate and are not affected by a power outage.

On the other hand, a unit run by electricity may require upfront costs and require no ventilation. It’s also convenient as it heats water very quickly, thereby saving time. You should know the type of fuel available in your home when purchasing a new water heater.

Energy Efficiency

A water heater is the third-largest energy consumer in every home. As you shop for a water heater replacement, you would want the most energy-efficient unit. Nowadays, most water heaters have increased energy efficiencies to meet the Federal energy standard.

Therefore, when selecting a water heater replacement, you should check the energy factor rating, which measures how efficiently the unit can convert energy to generate heat and heat lost during hot water storage. You should consider a more efficient unit to lower utility bills and conserve the environment. If your unit has a higher energy factor, it’s more likely to be energy efficient. Electric heaters are considered to have higher energy ratings.

Storage Capacity

Storage tank units may be classified based on the amount of water they can hold. You should choose a water heater replacement with a storage capacity enough for your family. Failure to do so may be inconvenient and strains the unit, hence shortening its lifespan because you’ll be heating water more often. To know the suitable water heater’s suitable capacity, you should consider factors such as family size, number of fixtures using hot water, and bathrooms available.

The fuel source may also affect the size of the water tank as the sources heat water at different rates. You should select one that heats the water quickly. If you’re using natural gas, you may consider going for a smaller water tank to meet water heating needs. If you need a tankless unit for a water heater replacement, you can determine the size you want, and you can calculate the amount of water you use at a given time.

How Much Space Is Required?

As you consider the type of fuel source available in your home, you should also keep in mind the amount of space where you will install the new water heater unit. New models can be more significant than the conventional ones due to advancements in energy efficiency and better insulation properties. If the existing space can’t accommodate the size of the standard unit, you may go for other options such as lowboys or tall units since they both work just like standard units.


When shopping for a water heater replacement, you must consider operational and maintenance costs. With various models available, you should compare their operating costs and benefits you may get during their life cycle. Depending on the type of the water heater unit, some may use more fuel than others. For instance, an electric heat pump unit uses less energy compared to a standard water heater. Therefore, you should consider a unit that has lower energy costs.

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